Infographic: The Secret Lives of Female Genitalia


It’s about time we got the conversation started about female masturbation in a light hearted way – so our girls and women can be free from a social stigma that targets something that is essentially natural and nothing but a bit of good ‘ol fun.
Narrated by your friendly neighborhood vagina!


  1. Ian Reply

    I think what you’re doing is great! However, if you’re teaching anatomy, it would be awesome if you wouldn’t conflate vagina and vulva. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Author

      That is a very good point. D: I am quite embarrassed.

  2. woody Reply


    Just an idea here, it may be good to start the game with the person playing lying comfortably in a quiet secure place with a hand held mirror and a high level of curiosity to discover what lies inside her vulva. Like taking a self guided tour.

    • Author

      Thanks for the feedback – for this round, our mascot is the lucky lady that will be giving the tour, and she is in a sense, meant to represent the every-vulva – the universal vulva – if you will. It’s hard, since if we did a self exploration via a mirror, we’d need to account for the differences for all women, and we don’t have the resources to do that just yet. But I definitely see a need to expand in that direction. Warm regards, T

  3. silja Reply

    Hi, I am from Germany and I like your info’s about female Masturbation. Could you tell me, where you get the numbers from. Are they from any recent studies you could point out for me?

  4. mar castillo Reply

    From Phil how can i get the app? Excited to play

    • Author

      Hi Mar,
      We just finished testing, we’re working on a new version currently. :)

  5. Alana Reply

    When will the app be available? And will it be free:)? Also if you need someone to test it out I don’t mind!!

    • Author

      Hi Alana,
      Thanks for the offer! We’ve actually wrapped up the first round of testing, and are in the process of doing some changes to create a better experience. If there’s a second round to come, we’ll give you a nudge! But plans are to finalize the game after this. :)

  6. sarah Reply

    I think this is a great game and i hope it gets approved by google play since i read from your latest post that it was rejected by apple, i was wondering, since you’re making an app for this, did you ever think about putting it up online? Just asking, anyway keep up the good work im pretty sure this will turn out great!

    • Author

      Thanks Sarah, I think google is a lot easier on their restrictions, so crossing my fingers. Am thinking about just an online version for kicks. Will let you know how that goes!

  7. Aydan Reply

    How is the online version coming along? I don’t have access to an app-based thing.

  8. Erin Reply

    Honestly, I can’t remeber a time when I didn’t masturbate or know what it was. I guess I have my mother to thank, she is in women’s healthcare, and never hesitated to give me real answers to questions like where do babies come from. As a result, I do feel like it made some things awkward, but overall, I feel so comfortable with my sexuality. I know what I want, I know how to get it, I know how to please myself and others, and I don’t feel guilt or shame as long as I’m being safe and smart! This is awesome, Apple is being ignorant, but that’s business. I hope more women and girls will realize that liking sex and wanting sex and pleasing yourself is not wrong, it’s smart. No one thinks twice about a guy jerking off, and we shouldn’t! Hopefully, it will become easier for women to get the same respect. Some day, maybe people will stop thinking all women hate sex and only use it to gain power or that women who have a lot of sex/admit to being very sexual are “sluts” or “loose” or “whores”. As it is, when someone calls me a slut, I smile cause hell yeah, also shout out to brooke candy’s lyrics “slut is now a compliment, a sexy ass female who running shit on top of it, a female with a sex drive…” Anyways, that was my rant on sexuality. Keep on keepin on.

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