HPT rejected from the iTunes app store

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Hello everyone,

Today I got a solemn call from our reviewer who told me that HPT would not be allowed on the app store, even with a 17+ rating.

The reason given was that “the concept was not something that Apple wants to go forward with.”
I knew I was taking a chance with building the game natively but I was optimistic, as our app was created with a mission and with the best of intentions. The reviewer herself sounded sympathetic, but it seemed like it wasn’t something she could control. A few minutes after the call, I got the rejection email in my inbox.

Just so everyone is clear about the rejection. It's not a technical issue. It's content.

Just so everyone is clear about the rejection, It’s not a technical issue. It’s content.

I considered creating a petition to let us in, but as far as I know, Apple tends to be pretty steadfast in their choices to accept or reject something, even with a large supporter group.
Ultimately, my feeling is that it would be a waste of energy to argue with them.

Since private alpha testing, we’ve decided to move towards building what would be some pretty big structural changes in HTML5 and javascript. This would also allow for us to wrap and release the game for android (knock on wood – if they don’t reject is too, that is). I was initially concerned about performance of having a non-native app, but it was actually faster for us to build something natively.

Development for a web-based browser version has already begun. Please bear with us, as we’re still working hard to get this app in your hands!

Feel free to ping me with any questions, I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Much Love,


  1. Did you consider making it a flash based game or something that could be used on a regular pc? Rejection isn’t cool but don’t give up! It’s a great educational idea too :) I’m behind you!

    • Author

      Thank you Lesia! Yes, I think the thing to do is to make it an HTML5 game you can play on your browser. Which is what the rebuild is going to be.

  2. Vetney Reply

    I’ve been following this idea for awhile and I cant tell you how excited I am to see your dream become a reality. As for getting rejected by apple I’m sorry but I do come with good news. There is an app on the Google play store that’s called “Lick King” and its to teach people how to please woman orally, so if that can make it with Google then I’m sure you can too!

    • Author

      Hi Vetney, Google Play I hear is a lot less stodgy with its rules, and occasionally lets its hair down. Tentatively planning to build in HTML5 / Javascript and port it to Android using Cocoon – hope that didn’t come out too technical. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Claudia Reply

    …and what about Windows Phone?…there will be an app also for this OS?…i really hope so…since i have a WP…

    • Author

      Hey Claudia, I think we’ll try and wrap the same codebase with windows. I believe Cocoon works for that too. So yes! Is what I’m trying to say.

      • Claudia Reply

        …Thank you!!!…good luck and dont give up!…

  4. Fanny Reply

    A full support from France. I really hope you will find a way to share your app.
    Don’t give up, your project worth the effort !

    • Author

      Thank you so much Fanny!

      • Claudia Reply

        …wonderful!…thank you so much!…and don’t give up!…good Luck!…

  5. Lorena Luz Reply

    Tina, try to develop an app to Android, this OS is a platform without restrictions related to sex or any kind of theme.
    The world community, specifically women, deserves to know the app’s utilities.

    • Author

      Thanks Lorena, will do – pinky swear. Just adding this on the list of obstacles to be overcome. SUCK IT, WORLD (And by world, I don’t mean you all, I mean these large bureaucratic institutions that are too scared to create change.)

  6. cinn says... Reply

    Pooh to Apple! You can do this without them… Keep your head up!!

  7. gih Reply

    Don’t give up! I am waiting for the app!!!

  8. Lottie Reply

    I will buy t-shits, badges, bags ect.. Anything with this little cutie on them xxx

  9. Damaris Reply

    This sucks! Apple’s lost! They’re always looking for new, interesting ideas that will push the envelope and they turned this one down. I’m so sorry.

  10. Alex Reply

    Brazil is waiting too, don’t give up!

  11. Author

    A quick note everyone, made a last minute decision to earnestly try working on the appeals process after seeing everyone’s comments. Thank you all so much! (gets teary) Will send more updates soon.

  12. Tom Reply

    Hey Tina,

    Porting apps over to Android is really easy nowadays. You can get a programer on one of those sites that link you up with freelance coders, and since the app is already designed, they should be able to have your Android version working pretty quickly.

    Android is a bigger market than Apple anyway. Also, Android apps can also be loaded onto BlackBerrys. You generate a QNX/BB OS10 .bar file & test it on a BB10 device. Usually works just fine.

    The other thing about Android & BlackBerry handsets is- they’re not nearly so anal retentive about trying to stop people form loading their own apps onto the phone. Installing an app yuo’ve downloaded yourself is easy on Androids and Blackberrys. This means that even if the Google or Blackberry stores turn down your app, you can make it available for download on your website, and people can install it themselves.

    LOL- me and my partner are diehard non-Apple users ( how can you tell :)

    Good on ya, T! Can’t wait to see your app out there in the wild.

    • Author

      Thanks Tom, definitely going to go for something like that! Already in the works :)

  13. Vanessa Reply

    What a shame. They rejected this but there’s plenty of sex related apps available through the App store, especially ones that aren’t even trying to bring anything educational to the table. Do ya thang. Lovability was turned down by Chase, but that didn’t stop them on their mission. I hope this setback doesn’t stop your mission either. Can’t wait to see it when it’s ready!

    • Author

      Don’t worry Vanessa, it won’t! One of the articles ended with “vive la vulva!”, I want to adopt that as my new slogan now!

  14. ugo Reply

    You can always reconfigure the app for Windows phone, they are kinda desperate for anyone to make apps for their platform :/

    • Author

      Yes, they’ll be one that we consider as well :)

  15. Kori Reply

    I’m so disappointed to hear the news, but things won’t just stop here! love the concept and intentions for creating this app and I hope it gets released on android, web and WP soon. You have my full support, all the best!

  16. Rand Reply

    “If you want to describe sex … create a medical app.” Well, see — there you go. Tone down the ‘happiness’, and crank up the technical side of the app: problem solved! Call it “Self-Applied Learning Time”….

    • Author

      Thanks for the feedback Rand. Unfortunately, then HPT wouldn’t be HPT anymore. A huge part of why I made this was for the fun happiness factor. ;( it’s rough, but I have to follow my vision for it? Even if it means running into all these obstacles.

  17. A. Reply

    I had seen many porn apps on App Store. But then when you try to break the taboo of female masturbation, they claim it as “inappropriate”. Really nice, Apple.

    • Author

      Yeah I have no idea how those are even still on? I wonder if they tried to pull them? I figured also with the 17+ rating, I would be safe. Alas, it was not to be.

  18. PeterFranks Reply

    I find it ironic that Apple with their new advert on the telly is a Pixies Song “Gigantic.”. That randy tune is about a woman who likes to be serviced by a big D. Of course your game reminds them they are afraid of the V..

  19. Greg Fyans Reply

    Sorry to hear your app was rejected, I can’t see how rules 16.1 or 18.1 apply to your game so I’m optimistic for your appeal.

    One other thing, have you considered a cross platform framework such as Xamarin for porting to other platforms? If you already have the Objective-C codebase, you should be able to convert and ship without too much trouble. Xamarin allows you to write your apps in c# and then it converts it to native during compilation, so you get the native look and feel rather than an obviously wrapped HTML5 app. Just a thought.

    Good luck.

    • Author

      Hi Greg, I’ve never heard of Xamarin before, but dude! If it does what you’re saying it does, that would be amazing. I’ll go do some research ASAP! Thank you!

  20. Alex Reply

    Hey there! I was wondering if you could possibly give me the IPA? (: I’d love to play with it, if you’re willing!

    • Author

      Hi Alex, would love to, but I was working on reformatting the whole game structure anyway before even submitting. Don’t 100% love what I’ve built so far. Hope you understand :(

  21. Beamos Reply

    I dunno Tina… I mean… dude…

    It’s a giant vagina…

    I can see why you’d want to remove the stigma over masturbation and all but… dude…

    It’s a GIANT VAGINA….

    • Author


  22. NaBUru38 Reply

    That’s what happens when a company controls what you can install on your phone. Down with walled gardens!

  23. Neal Reply

    When I showed just the pictures to my wife and said it was a Masturbation App, she wanted to know why it looked like a tiny baby, and why you didn’t use some other form of notification to let the user know about success or failure! I must be honest, I wondered why it looked like a baby as well! We found it more disturbing that the Genital area was made to look like a baby, instead of just made to look like female genitalia. That’s just us though. :-)

    • Author

      Hi Neal, thanks for the feedback! I wanted to make the vulva look really abstract and cute, partially because I wanted a character that would communicate the feeling of openness and friendliness. It was all about building a personality. And besides, I was also hoping that its abstractness would help it get around this whole App Store fiasco. If they rejected this despite it being so abstract, I doubt they would have accepted it we made it more accurate. And the hands-on, learning by touching, was the whole concept! Otherwise, it would be just the same as any other educational app. I wanted to break some boundaries, I wanted to use a medium in a way that hasn’t been used before. Otherwise, for me, there wasn’t a point in making this, because other similar things exist like this already. Hope this helps! :)

  24. melissa Reply

    Apoyo total
    No dejare de apoyar hasta que esta app este al alcance de toda mujer

    Apple se lo perdió su oportunidad
    Esperemos Android apoye esto.

    Sinceramente no se den por vencidos !

    Saludos !

  25. Author

    Hey Soph! Sending you and the ladies love from overseas too!

  26. Glaived Reply

    Hello Tina,
    First of all sorry for my english (google translation <3) but I really wanted to share with you my disgust, following the deletion of your application.

    Reasons in your application about sex (sex education), Apple withdraws, and deprives those users (users) of the right to information.

    I find it disgusting, ugly, disgusting, and I think also a pity that you do not attempt actions to change things, but I understand that you have some reason for this.

    Apple bright, lively censoring information …
    Back Steve …

  27. Anton Reply

    Maybe you should upload and post it on the Google Play.

  28. Elzo Reply

    Tina it’s better for you to delevope your application for android so great job for this app

  29. tim Reply

    I see other people have suggested it as well. But Android would be the way to go.
    When the app hits it big as an honest to god education app on android then apple will be kicking themselves.

    I’m sorry to say, but even if you re-code it to make the vagina look like a big square, they will still know who it came from and what its purpose is. Idk if they will ever be like “oh ok, that’s fine then”.

  30. java Reply

    I do believe that you all need some therapy.. Do this type of game in your home feed your sick imagination and leave all world alone!! there are a lot of global problems you should consider

  31. I think that there are two issues here:
    – Get this app out to the world.
    – Apples policy

    Try to keep the questions apart. The first question is a technical problem and something specific for you guys. And also answering the question; How do we get this product out to the market? Apples NO is a major setback, but there are other ways.
    The second question is the more interesting one – from my point of view. And you guys are the example now – but there have been others before. My problem is that I do not want to be associated with that attitude towards life. Apple has moved from providing me a tool, to also telling me what I should do with it. They have stepped in to the area of what is right and what is wrong – and in the long run it’s about telling me how I should live my life. And even worse, their idea is not the same as my idea. And I think that there are many Apple-users who feel the same way. And we are their most loyal supporters…
    But this problems is not only Apple. Facebook does the same shit – and for the same reason. And – sex and nudity – dangerous subjects (for some).

  32. It’s against the Android Publisher ToS to put up apps with full-blown nudity. That’s why there are so many bikini-girl apps and what-not.

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