• Games for Change 2015 Pitch Event

    HappyPlayTime at Games for Change Festival 2015

    Hey all! Forgive me for the late post, but I just wanted to share this amazing piece of news on the blog, which I have admittedly been neglecting for a while! In the end of April, HappyPlayTime was given an amazing opportunity to pitch at Games for Change 2015 – and by some crazy streak of luck, the amazing panel

  • water-based-lubricant

    Let’s Talk About Lube

    Lube gets a bad rap. Using lube can be taken as a sign of lack of arousal or dysfunction down under, but it’s far from the truth. Certain meds, one too many glasses of wine, and lots of other factors can lead to a little dryness. But let’s be honest. Even when you don’t ‘need’ it, lube can be your

  • Orchid

    What is the Clitoris?

    As with many female mysteries, this is not an easy answer. The clitoris in all its splendor is still under constant investigation. Researchers dispute its origins, purpose, fickle nature, and similarities with the male counterpart to this day. So let’s do our best to lift the thin fleshy veil from the mysterious pleasure button, shall we? How the clitoris develops

  • rabbit-mystery-of-vibrators-gspot-bullet

    Unlocking the Mystery of Vibrators: Bullet, G-spot, Rabbits

    Vibrators can be a girl’s best friend, but with so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? We at LBB have selflessly done all the *exhaustive research for you. You can thank us later. PS: We’re also offering a 10% discount code for all our readers on all vibrator purchases at LittleBlackBox. Use “happyplaytime” at

  • Open Beta Launch

    After a lot of smashing our faces into walls, and running frantically around to get shit done, we’re proud to announce the soft-launching the HappyPlayTime closed-beta! To clarify, we’re making this available as a HTML5 game that you can play on any browser. We’ve thought about it a lot, and it just didn’t seem fair to have an entire population