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    Gameplan Going Forward

    Howdy! Thank you everyone for their feedback and comments last week as I was questioning what next steps are. Hearing the words of encouragement from you all has given me courage again, and it was nice being able to actually talk with some of you instead of seeing just an email on a screen. I think where I went wrong

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    Social Media Week + Questions for our Supporters

    Hello everyone! Last week, HappyPlayTime had the honor of pitching for sex shark tank during Social Media Week NYC’s Changing the World through Sex, hosted and curated by one of my biggest heroes, Cindy Gallop. In addition to the great advice from the panel, and the amazing crowd, I was lucky to just to hang out with the other companies

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    A Thank You to our Funders

    Hey everyone, The campaign ended today, and sadly, we didn’t reach our goal. Much of it was my fault, as I didn’t expect the difficulty of raising funds this way, and I released this campaign in a sort of mad rush. I’m so sorry. I want to thank you all for making your pledges, I’m touched that you all came

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    I like to play, and that’s okay

    This month, we’re making some bold moves at HappyPlayTime. At the heart of our mission is the desire to see more women be vocal about their sexuality — in particular, about masturbation. We’re often told that this subject is a touchy one, and from experience, we know that sometimes speaking out loud about it can certainly raise some eyebrows. But

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    Launching our Crowdfunding Campaign

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while, and I’ve been chipping away at some new developments that are just about ready to be released. Over the past months, I’ve been working to create a redesign of HappyPlayTime, and a tiny playable demo to show the most basic concept of what this app could be. I’ve realized along the way that this has