• Open Beta Launch

    After a lot of smashing our faces into walls, and running frantically around to get shit done, we’re proud to announce the soft-launching the HappyPlayTime closed-beta! To clarify, we’re making this available as a HTML5 game that you can play on any browser. We’ve thought about it a lot, and it just didn’t seem fair to have an entire population

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    Contest Results

    Hey Everyone, Last week, we asked our fans why they like to #play, as part of a contest to give away some of the newly minted HappyPlayTime badges. Here are the winners – our favorite, and most liked / favorited / reblogged responses Karla E. “I love to #play because, in the wise words of Woody Allen, “it’s sex with

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    The Birth of Sexuality: On Shadows, Mirrors, Doppelgängers, Identity and Duality

    It’s naturally assumed that products evolve from founders trying to solve a problem that they themselves experience, for it allows the creators to be the users, or at least empathetic to the users.

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    Appeal Rejected: It’s Final, HPT is not coming to iTunes.

    Hey everyone, The outcry from you all, our supporters, has been amazing. In fact it was so wonderful, that I attempted to reach out to appeal to Apple again. Below is a copy of the letter I sent for the appeals process. Thank you to L, master wordsmith, who helped me fix up the tone <3 — Hi Apple, I

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    HPT rejected from the iTunes app store

    Hello everyone, Today I got a solemn call from our reviewer who told me that HPT would not be allowed on the app store, even with a 17+ rating. The reason given was that “the concept was not something that Apple wants to go forward with.” I knew I was taking a chance with building the game natively but I